Marketing research in China with a guarantee

Order our marketing analysis with 99.7% guarantee, which will be prepared by experts in marketing with over 8 years of experience.

We carry out a comprehensive analysis of the enterprise, product, partners and other factors affecting the profitability of the product. Provide recommendations concerning the products and fields with high demand parametersWe prove our opinion with statistics from the leading experts.


12 years of working provided us with vast experience in analysing any situations arising in the course of market relations. Our clients can order marketing analysis in the areas they work in.

Market analysis

We forecast the dynamics of market development with an accuracy of 99.7%. We take as a basis already available statistics, if the product is already in turnover. We calculate the payback taking into consideration financial, political and social situation. went into circulation.

Product analysis

In the course of investigation, our team identifies the potential of the product, its compliance with the requirements of consumer, builds the necessary marketing strategy.

Consumer analysis

When doing the research concerning the new products it starts to be difficult to define the customer profiling. Without these data, it is impossible to create a suitable advertising campaign. We will analyse the client, identify its motivation and needs, determine the solvency, age, gender, etc.

Cost analysis

Taking into consideration the solvency ratio of target audience, competitors` rates, tax and other deductions, net cost we will show up with the most feasible price range.

Competitor analysis

This service will help to define the strengths and weaknesses of business dealing in the chosen market segment, draw conclusions from other people's mistakes, analyse the sustainability of promotional offers and actions.



For 12 years of work, we have gained wide experience in analyzing the situation on any issue regarding market relations. Our clients can order marketing analysis in the necessary areas of work.

  • Marketing
  • Step 1 You send us your request for investigation
    or call us
  • Step 2 Manager discusses more detail information concerning your request and marketing experts
    get started with the work
  • Step 3 The appropriate methodology and research tools are selected
    for each individual case
  • Step 4 We specify the segment of analysis based on the desired result of the client
  • Step 5 We integrate all the resources obtained from different sources and in a variety of ways
  • Step 6 We conduct the comprehensive
    data analysis
  • Step 7 We take upon ourselves conduction of interviews,
    testings, and surveys
  • Step 8 We provide recommendations concerning
    business development

Complexity of work at the cross-border market lies in necessity to keep track of changes in more than one country. The foreign policy has a pronounced effect on generation of product demand, relations with contracting parties and competition. That why when conducting the analysis we involve political experts, social scientist, psychologists in order to provide complete information concerning the issue requested.



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