Assistance in conclusion of contracts
when making transactions in China

We conclude the contract, draw up the report

Well prepared contract is a is key to the successful development of your business. We are focused on safe cooperation of clients and their partners. We have our own representative office in China.

5 reasons
to order services at 4YOU GLOBAL

The main advantages of the company

Assistance in conclusion of contracts when making transactions in China has a number of advantages:

  • cause
  • 1 reason Elaboration of contract related to FEA in compliance with applicable legislation of the PRC.
  • 2 reason Check of business licenses, bank details. Conclusion of contract with fraudsters is excluded.
  • 3 reason Legal literacy. Oral and informal agreements have no legal force in China, so that the contract is very important.
  • 4 reason Support and assistance in legal proceedings in case of supplier`s violation of terms and conditions. We will file a case and obtain compensation.
  • 5 reason Lack of knowledge in export-import operations in China. For example, 80% of manufacturers do not have a license that is required for the import and export of products.

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Entrust your problems to professionals.

Conclusion of contract

Contract covers all terms and conditions that are strictly observed.

Expert appraisal of contract

Analysis is conducted by the lawyer in China.

100% protection of client`s interests

We are always on the side of the customer.