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how to recoup investments in mining


    Mining as a way of earning known to many, but not all are resolved to organize such a business. To get high income, it is necessary to outline strategies and to act precisely according to plan. Created whole farms, which receive a special product — a cryptocurrency.

    90% of success is proper motivation and competent organization. Some still do not believe in the possibility of earning through the Internet, so I do not know where to start such a business.


    Digital currency is generated computing power technology. To organize a mining farm, you will need special hardware — ASIC. The so-called integrated circuits created for a specific task. Mining-farm — premises, where there is computer equipment, which continuously produces complex calculations. It defines a hash of the header, transaction sets, and detects the random number.

2 types of mining-farms



If the technical equipment of the farm is not power, it is easier to join forces with several similar organizations. In this case, the farm has met the challenge up to 33 times faster. When receiving rewards in the form of coins lists the contribution of each. That is, the more machinery on the farm, the greater the profit of the miner.


Solo farm

Most often, it is large businesses that possess a powerful equipment. Miners get a steady income so there is no need to unite with someone else.


Earn with the pool easier, but there is a risk of running into a dishonest company that will assign a portion of the coins.

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If you do not install in the premises the cooling system, the equipment overheats and breaks down in 3.5% of the time. To mining cryptocurrency did not stop, you should promptly replace the scheme improved. It is important to know how and when to do it. The deal will help the specialist.

For farm equipment, you need to buy at least 3 of asik-miner. For assistance, finding high quality equipment is also better to turn to professionals. Experts will advise on commercially available integrated circuits will tell you what to choose for a specific task.

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