We will purchase the products for you in China

check the quality and control the delivery process

More and more start-up businessmen purchase the products directly from manufacturers in China. This country annually increases the turnover of large and small-scale industry. The quality of goods is also constantly improving. A lot of attractive offers and huge assortment inspire entrepreneurs to cooperate with counterparts from China.

How to search for products in China

Independent search

On trade platforms, sites and etc.

Apply to experts

And it will help you to avoid a lot of problems
when purchasing the products – fraud, overrating, illegal sales chart
and much more


for products
over dispatching
Reception of cargo
at storage area located in China
Search of suppliers
and negotiations


5 important steps

We will arrange delivery with your engagement or remotely. Stages of work:

  • steps
  • Preparation You save up to 42% on transportation costs. Provided that all necessary conditions concerning insurance, check of products and recheck at multimodal transportation remain unchanged.
  • Delivery No question, you will have to wait until certain batch of products is prepared. Our company has a high turnover, so delivery of each consolidated cargo from China will take no more than 60 days.
  • Choice We check the products before loading and throughout all stages of delivery. The losses in our company amount to 0.86%. If the cargo is lost, even if not insured, we will compensate its cost.
  • Payment of orders Delivery of consolidated cargo from China is insured voluntarily at the proved insured services. All payments for damages or loss of cargo are made in full within 30 days.
  • Check We take care of all issues related to customs documentation, invoices and preparation of documents in the course of cooperation with the supplier. We close export customs declarations in China.

It is possible to purchase products in China under a direct contract with Chinese plant. If you do not want to become a participant of foreign economic activities, you can purchase the products under agency contract with our company.
If necessary, we will independently execute all procedures related to customs clearance, delivery.


We organize delivery with your participation or remotely. Stages of work:

We deliver consolidated cargo from China using simple and convenient methods of delivery.
Therefore we introduced a number of additional services:

Buyback at the day of payment

For regular customers we draw up purchasing schedules.

Selection of delivery method

Optimize your purchasing costs.


We do not have hidden commissions, surcharges, and the prices for organizing purchases are 3.9 times lower than those of competitors.

Sincere commitment

If necessary, we will pack your goods in the crate.