We will protect your interests

We will protect your interests in court
when disputable points arise

Today many business people launch facilities at the territory of China. 96% of companies become unprofitable because of lack of knowledge in legislation. Usually there are civil disputes arise resulting in smashup of business. In order to protect yourself, it is necessary to apply to a professional who will adequately represent your interests in a Chinese court. Without support of professional, your chances of winning the case are reduced to 3%..


7basic conflict situations
and methods of their resolution

In most cases, the defendant needs protection in disputes related to:
contract of debt, credit contract
cargo transportation, expeditions
contractor contract
service agreement
commission agreement
supply contract
rent contract

In many cases, after receiving the money, contractors refuse to fulfill their obligations or perform them in full. There are cases when businessmen pay for products but receive them with delay, neglecting terms and conditions of contract. This is the case when you should apply to the court and protect your interests.


In 5% of cases, civil disputes arise due to infringement of copyrights of the defendant. In such a case, it is very difficult to prove something independently. Even if you file a lawsuit to the Supreme People's Court of China and win a case, there is no guarantee that the decision will be duly executed. .

Our expert will thoroughly examine the issue, prepare all necessary documents and represent your interests in the court until a positive result is achieved.



Today the courts of the PRC are considering more and more cases on recognition and enforcement of awards in respect of foreigners. The problem is that in China branch of legislation governing products/money relationships and business activities is deficient. Every month, more than 850 citizens appeal to the court, claiming that their rights have been violated. 4YOU GLOBAL — professionals who will help you in case if your interests are jeopardized. We work according to the following pattern:

  • scheme
  • Stage 1 We study court decisions on the similar matters
  • Stage 2 Give advises, make clear nuances
  • Stage 3 Prepare court statement
  • Stage 4 Defend the client`s position until a positive result is achieved
  • Stage 5 Control execution of judgment

Protection of your interests in the Chinese court will cost from $70. If you want to act independently, you should know that you will spend much more. This amount includes a full range of services. We conclude the contract prescribing all the details of cooperation.


We act exclusively in a lawful manner. We gather information, analyse the data and seek a settlement. Such studies are needed to assume all possible outcomes of events and to predict the result in a particular case. This approach increases the probability of your claim satisfaction by 97.3%.


For 12 years of work in this field, our experts have won more than 6000 cases. Contact us to receive the detailed advice.