Calculating the cost of delivery of cargoes


At the present time, a large number of businessmen cooperate with China. This country is famous for powerful production capacities and high production speed. If you wait for the delivery from China, it is important to calculate the cost of delivery as precisely as possible. Failure to do so can result in cheat with 76.3% probability. We offer you to use the online calculator. With the help of such calculator you can define the exact amount that you have to pay for the transportation of products ordered.

3 steps towards receipt of precise delivery cost

How to calculate cost of delivery from China

Choose a product type

If such a product is not on the list, try to find something similar. If you fail, please contact the manager for assistance. We tried to introduce all widely known groups of products.

Cargo weight

Specify the precise (or approximate) weight of the cargo.

Specify the volume

Specify the volume of the transported cargo. It is better to specify the precise number.


setting of the required parameters, calculator will show the cost of delivery in USD. The principle of calculator functioning is based on the ratio of 3 main indicators. Transportation expenditures are automatically included to the final cost.

3 reasons to define the cost of delivery
from China with the help of our calculator:

Easy to use

You will know exactly how much you have to pay for delivery


The result will appear in 3 seconds after data entering.


The calculator defines the real cost of delivery but not pulls the value out of a hat.


If you fail to enter the data required, please, request a call back. In case of some technical difficulties, our expert will promptly answer all your questions and will help to define the cost of delivery.
Our staff consists of experienced logistics experts who will help you to choose the best routing for your delivery and define the precise cost. Bear in mind that the cost of delivery depends not only on cargo dimensions but also on mode of transport involved in cargo delivery. We want cooperation between us and our clients to be as friendly as possible. You can calculate the cost of delivery from China yourself on free of charge basis.

Delivery Calculator

Calculate your delivery in three steps:

1 Country

2 delivery

3 type of product


This calculator uses the tariffs of the transport company ТМ Fast ТМ Fast



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